Home Remedies For Fleas on Dogs


Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative home remedies for getting rid of fleas on dogs.  It’s important to note, that in addition to treating your dog, you should also look to kill the fleas that are in your home as well.  During the actual flea cycle, only about 5% of fleas are living on your dog. The other 95% are living in your home. Getting rid of fleas is not a quick job. Be sure to set aside time in your day, to wash not only your pet, but the rest of the items in your home, your bedding, cleaning of the carpets, etc. Pretty much anything in your house that  your pet has touched, needs to be cleaned.  Note: Be sure to eliminate any vacuum bags or garbage bags that have accumulated from the cleaning. You definitely don’t want to keep them inside the house.


Prior to bathing your dog, be sure to get a flea  comb. Flea combs are special combs that you can use on your dog to get rid of fleas and their eggs.  Fleas are very tiny and easily get lost in the dog’s fur. Using a comb with teeth that are close enough that the flea can’t slip through is vitally important. A flea comb will get the job done better than a regular one, so do not skimp on this. Make sure you have a bucket of hot soapy water on hand nearby. Run the comb through your dog’s fur, then dip it back into the soapy water. The mixture of the hot water, and soapy water, will aid in killing the fleas.


Here you have a couple of options of how you can bath your dog. NOTE: Be sure to bath ALL of the pets in your home, even the ones you think might not have fleas, just to be on the safe side.  Generously coat your dog with a natural pet soap or baby shampoo.  But, DO NOT USE human shampoo. Add some dish washing soap to your dog’s shampoo when giving them a bath.  The more you use the better. We want those suckers gone.  Start scrubbing at the dog’s neck, but be quick about it, as the fleas will run down your dog’s face and try to escape into your dog’s nostrils. After washing his neck, completely soak the dog, and leave the soapy solution on your dog for at least 15 minutes. You  want to suffocate the fleas to the surface. Once the fleas are visibly rising to the surface, you can then rinse off your dog.


After the bath, you want to prevent the fleas from coming back.  Try to do one of the following, but ideally both. Make your own flea spray from water and essential oils Mix two drops of pure lavender oil and two drops of pure cedar wood essential oil into a 600 ml of warm water. Shake up the bottle and spray it to the coat of your dog, avoiding your dog’s eyes.  Keep continuously spraying, until the entire coat is covered, as the oil can evaporate quickly. If you don’t have essential oils handy, you may also put a flea collar on your dog, to prevent re-infestation. Leave them outside for about an hour or two to make sure they are completely eliminated from the fleas.

Following these steps, you should have a healthy happy dog and household.